Anguilla Company Registration


Jersey Company Registration.

Jersey’s tax legislation means that it is a very attractive place to set up a holding company. A Jersey company is commonly used for investing in property, securities and other assets.

Corporation tax is 0% and there is no withholding tax on dividends paid or received, Jersey is a tax neutral jurisdiction.

Business Entity Types in Jersey

Jersey Private Company Limited by Shares
Jersey Exempt Private Company
Jersey Public Company Limited by Shares
Jersey Branch of Overseas Company
Jersey International Business Companies
Jersey General Partnership
Jersey Foreign Partnership
Jersey Limited Partnership
Jersey Trusts
Jersey Protected Cell Companies
Jersey Foundation Structures

Required documents for Jersey company formation

Certified Passport copy (for each party: Beneficial owner, Shareholder, Director)

Certified Recent utility bill confirming residential address (for each party: Beneficial owner, Shareholder, Director) valid no more than 3 months. If document is not in English language, then require to be translated.

Confirmation that professional tax advise has been taken, and from whom, to ensure that the structure meets with the beneficial owner(s) purposes

Where funds are introduced into the company

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