Bermuda Company Registration

Set up a company in Bermuda

There are a few options for setting up a business in Bermuda. Your options depend on the nature of your business activities and whether you wish to conduct business in the local market.

Generally speaking, formation of a limited company, partnership or LLC which does not require consent of the Minister of Finance may be accomplished within one day after an application is received. Where the consent of the Minister is required, the processing time is up to a week from the date that the ROC has received all necessary information relating to the proposed company, and all personal declarations from the proposed beneficial owners.

Various options for setting up a business in Bermuda

Required documents for Bermuda company formation

  • Passport copy (for each party: Beneficial owner, Shareholder, Director)
  • Recent utility bill confirming residential address (for each party: Beneficial owner, Shareholder, Director) valid no more than 3 month. If document is not in English language, then require to be translated.
  • A minimum of two references attesting to integrity and financial standing.   References relating to integrity will be accepted from professionals (e.g. lawyers or accountants) while letters relating to financial standing will usually be from a bank or financial institution.
  • The source of monies being used to fund the client’s arrangements
  • Confirmation that professional tax advice on the proposed structure has been obtained in appropriate jurisdictions
  • Biographical information such as a resume or curriculum vitae.

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