Barbados company registration


Barbados has simple establishment requirements and procedures which combine due diligence with ease of doing business.

For Barbados tax purposes, a company is subject to tax depending on whether the company is resident and/or domiciled in Barbados.

A company is considered to be tax resident in Barbados if its central management and control is located in Barbados.

Business Entity Types in Barbados

  • Barbados Limited Liability Company
  • Barbados Company Without Share Capital
  • Barbados Mutual Insurance Company
  • Barbados External Company
  • Barbados International Business Company
  • Barbados Foreign Sales Corporation
  • Barbados General Partnership
  • Barbados Limited Partnership
  • Barbados Exempted Limited Partnership
  • Barbados Societies with Restricted Liability
  • Barbados Trusts
  • Barbados International Trusts

Required documents for Barbados company formation

  • Certified Passport copy (for each party: Beneficial owner, Shareholder, Director)
  • Certified Recent utility bill confirming residential address (for each party: Beneficial owner, Shareholder, Director) valid no more than 3 months. If document is not in English language, then require to be translated.

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