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Madeira Company Formation

Price: 5500 EUR

orderMadeira company formation – steady jurisdiction and highly regarded reputation.
Company types:

  1. Madeira FTZ free trade zone,
  2. Limitada (Lda) or Madeira Sociedade Anonima (SA).

Time of Madeira company formation takes 10-14 DAYS.

Personal presence is not required.

Madeira Company Formation

Main Characteristics and the basic rules of Company registration in Madeira

The legislation regulating the new Regime IV applicable to the Madeira International Business Centre (MIBC) and which was approved by the EU Commission earlier this year, has finally been published in Portugal and is now in force.

It is therefore now possible to obtain new licences with the following specific benefits:

–          a reduced corporate tax rate of 5%, guaranteed until 2027;

–          exemption of withholding tax on dividends paid to non Portuguese resident shareholders (corporate or individuals), as long as these are not resident in a black listed jurisdiction;

–          No withholding tax on interest and other forms of payment for shareholders’ loans, capital allowances or advances made by the shareholders to the company.

The additional tax benefits already applicable to existing licensed MIBC companies will also apply to these new licenses, namely:

–          Worldwide participation exemption regime applicable to dividends, reserves, capital gains and losses;

–          Exemption of withholding tax on royalties, services fees or interest paid to third parties;

–          Capital gains tax exemption on the sale of participations held in the Madeira company; among others.

Madeira is certainly a credible and stable location for international operations, providing an extremely competitive low tax rate, guaranteed until the end of 2027.

For further information on the Regime IV and the Madeira International Business Centre, please contact our office.

Madeira Company Formation

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madeira company formation


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